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Pūtaiao Online

Welcome to Pūtaiao Online on Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI).

The website supports teachers to think about the implementation of science in a Māori context and as a classroom medium.This website has a module map and related links.


The Paekupu website is an online Māori language dictionary for The New Zealand Curriculum with kupu (words) relevant to the learning areas: Literacy, Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology, and some Social Studies vocabulary.   

All the kupu from the previous dictionary, known as Papakupu Pūtaiao, have been included.

As you type in the Māori or English word you are looking for, a list of words will appear for you to choose from. Click on that word to find:

  • Māori and English words
  • the origin of the word in Māori
  • the word type
  • the word definition (relevant to the unit of study)
  • the use of the word in some sentences.